Bill Clinton: No Conflict of Interest With the Clinton Foundation (VIDEO)

Yeah, nobody that gave millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation sought any favors whatsoever from Secretary Hillary Clinton's State Dept. None. 

Professional liar Bill Clinton sat down with CNN's Jake Tapper to talk about the Clinton Foundation, the full interview with air Sunday on State of the Union.

Bill Clinton aggressively denied allegations that donors to his family's foundation were given special treatment by Hillary Clinton's State Department in a lengthy interview with CNN set to air on Sunday.

The former president told CNN's Jake Tapper that no Clinton Foundation donor has "asked me for anything," adding that his wife was too busy as secretary of state to do favors for foundation supporters.

"She was pretty busy those years," Clinton told Tapper. "I never saw her study a list of my contributors, and I had no idea who was doing business before the State Department." (CNN Jake Tapper)