Another Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Surging in New Hampshire

This would be a second poll showing Bernie Sanders closing the gap in New Hampshire. This new Suffolk University poll shows Sanders just 10 points behind Clinton, confirming the results of a Morning Consult poll released last week showing Hillary's lead down to just 12 points in New Hampshire.

According to a just-released Suffolk University poll, a surging Bernie Sanders is now the choice of 31 percent of Granite State Democrats, versus 41 percent for the former secretary of state. In just one month, he’s overcome a 42-point deficit, with her lead now down to 10 percent.

Polling 500 likely voters in the key battleground state, the survey revealed very little support for any other Democratic candidate. Vice President Joe Biden was a distant third with just seven percent

it possible the Vermont senator was more popular than previously believed? Three other surveys in recent weeks had him garnering just 18, 13 and 12 percent, though they queried registered voters, rather than likely, a key distinction.

Interestingly, Clinton’s fortunes seem to have slid just as Bernie’s are rising: garnering 62 percent in May, the new result shows a 21 point drop


A Bloomberg/St Anselm poll at the beginning of May had Clinton leading by 44 points....