White House Hint: Ben Carson To Announce Possible 2016 Run Tomorrow (VIDEO)

Ben Carson will make an announcement tomorrow on whether he'll run. It sounds like he's in. Carson sent out an email saying, 'On Monday, I will be announcing my decision of whether or not to run for president, so this will be the final email from my Exploratory Committee.' While I wouldn't mind seeing Ben Carson on that debate stage, in the end, I do not think he will end up being the nominee. However, if a Republican wins the WH in 2016, Ben Carson should be first choice for U.S. Surgeon General IMO

Some argue that "Ben Carson is not ready for primetime":
"Most presidential candidates enter the race without fully formed and well-reasoned opinions on foreign policy. That’s true, and there is time for Carson to make up his knowledge deficit. But there are several candidates with a fuller resumes who are simply more experienced at the business of politics than Carson. These able candidates would not clutter the news cycle with avoidable gaffes that compel conservative to come to their defense. Dr. Ben Carson is simply not ready to run for the presidency"

UPDATE: He's in- Ben Carson Officially Announces a run for President in 2016