Trump on Republican Candidates For Prez: None Of Them Will Bring You to the Promised Land

Trump in Iowa

Donald Trump, a New York City businessman who may for president in 2016, in a Sioux City stop Saturday took aim at others in the field. Some of the 200 people who attended the Morningside College event said Trump delivered far more criticism of other candidates than is typically seen.

"I know all of them, and none of them is bringing you to the Promised Land," Trump said.

He blasted Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for using staged events in Iowa and fellow Republican candidates Marco Rubio and Scott Walker.

Trump also turned again and again on former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is still making a decision on whether to run, albeit while raising money and hiring campaign staff. He said Bush whiffed for several days this week, when getting around to a final answer on repeated questioning about whether he would have authorized an invasion of Iraq, as was done in 2003 when his brother George W. Bush was president.

Trump said lots of Republicans will come to Sioux City, but he should be the top pick for people