SNL Actress Who Plays Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m Obviously Rooting For Her’

Shocker- She's a Hillary supporter

Kate McKinnon, a performer on NBC's Saturday Night Live, says she's "rooting" for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate whom McKinnon portrays.

The TV star made the comments in a group interview with other female comedians with the Hollywood Reporter. McKinnon was asked about the demands of sending up Clinton on such a big stage.

"I do feel pressure. I'm rooting for her, obviously," McKinnon said, adding that the maniacal portrayal of Clinton seen in recent episodes comes from the writers' room.

"It's a combination of the writers' take on her but also this contrast between a woman so driven and hardened by her experiences — She needs this! The country needs this! — and this sweetie granny from the Midwest," she said. "The juxtaposition."

Fellow comedian Amy Schumer jumped in to say that Clinton is a "laugher" and "the coolest."

"I'd be nervous to meet her," McKinnon said. "I find her so resplendent." (weeklystandard)