Raw Video: Florida Man Robs Elderly Woman Then Gets Trapped Inside Elevator

The woman says she was terrified. Police say the man has not been caught

A 77-year-old woman was trapped in an elevator with her armed robber for more than 30 seconds after the knife wielding suspect stole her purse at her apartment complex.

"That aspect of her being trapped in an elevator with him was the most terrifying part to her," Broward Sheriff's Office Public Information officer Gina Carter told the Daily News about the April 29 attack at the building in Lauderdale Lakes Fla. "If he had been able to get out right away it would have been much less traumatic for her."

The sheriff's office released surveillance footage of the shocking moment when Loraine Bain stepped into the elevator at her winter home carrying some mail and her purse. But a few seconds later the suspect entered behind her.

He placed his finger over his mouth and then positioned his significantly larger body directly in front of her. He then grabbed her purse and tried to exit the elevator but the door had closed and he slammed his head against the wall