NBC’s Richard Engel: Continuing the Same Iraq Strategy is ‘the Definition of Stupidity’

Add Richard Engel – NBC News’ chief foreign correspondent – to the growing number of voices in the media who have criticized the United States’ strategy to defeat the Islamic State. On the May 21 edition of The Rundown with Jose Diaz-Balart, Engel found no reason to dispute that ISIS was a de facto nation and argued that U.S. efforts to repel the terror group have been largely ineffective.

Engel claimed that the U.S.’s repeated failures “raise enormous questions about strategy.” He ended with a final shot at the president’s foreign policy decisions in Iraq: “Can the U.S. continue on its course even when, you know, the definition of stupidity, frankly, is continuing on the same course and expecting a different result. And I think we may be heading in that direction