McCain: ISIS Taking Ramadi Is a 'Disgraceful Chapter in American History'...'An Abject Failure' (VIDEO)

McCain: We predicted this would happen when President Obama pulled all the U.S. troops out of Iraq.

Cavuto asks Sen. McCain if Baghdad is next

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) reacted on "Your World" to ISIS reportedly gaining control of Ramadi after Iraqi government forces abandoned the city.

An estimated 25,000 people fled from the key Iraqi city after ISIS fighters began their assault on the city center over the weekend.

The takeover followed a three-day siege that began with a wave of ISIS car bombs and which dealt a devastating blow to the Baghdad government and the U.S. forces providing logistical support. On Monday, Shia militias converged on the city, some 70 miles west of the capital, in a bid to retake it.

Ramadi's streets were deserted Monday, with few people venturing out of their homes to look for food, according to two residents reached by telephone.