Jeb Bush Way Behind In Iowa -Q Poll

7th Place....

John McCain did it in 2000. Hillary Clinton thought about doing it in 2008. Jeb Bush should do it in 2016.

The "it" here is skipping the Iowa presidential caucuses, the quadrennial kickoff of the nomination fight for both parties. And, for Jeb, it makes total sense.

Here's why: He almost certainly can't win in the state. So, why try?

Witness a new Quinnipiac University poll in Iowa released Wednesday morning. In it, Bush takes a measly five percent of the Iowa vote -- good (bad?) for seventh place behind people like Scott Walker and Marco Rubio but also Ben Carson. The problems for Bush in Iowa go far deeper than those topline numbers too. Among self-identified tea partiers, Bush takes a miserable three percent of the vote; he gets four percent among "very" conservative voters. Those two groups tend to be the two most reliable -- and, therefore, most powerful-- voting blocs in a Republican caucus fight in Iowa.

And, there's little reason in the poll to believe that Bush can make up ground.
Here are the results of the new Iowa Q Poll:
Walker leads with 21%, Rand and Rubio second with 13%
Cruz and Walker lead among tea partiers -tied at 26%
Jeb Bush in trouble...