'It's a Disgrace': Sheriff David Clarke Slams Plaque Memorializing 'Felon' Michael Brown

Sheriff David Clarke blasted a Michael Brown memorial plaque being installed in Ferguson and laid blame for the rise in violence in Baltimore at the feet of President Obama during an interview with Fox News Sean Hannity Tuesday.

“Disgraceful,” he said of the Ferguson’s mayor’s plan to honor Brown with a plaque. “The only thing that should be drilled into the road over there is a plaque for Officer Darren Wilson, who had his life ruined, who had his world turned upside down for no reason whatsoever.

“How does he put his life back together? Why would they want to honor Mike Brown when Mike Brown was trying to disarm Officer Darren Wilson?” Clarke asked.

That is a felony. He was engaged in felonious conduct, not only at that point, but in the convenience store. And now they want to honor him? That’s nothing more than appeasement, and it’s a disgrace.”

Clarke said Ferguson residents got justice when the grand jury decided Wilson acted reasonably and didn’t indict him.

He also ripped into the Obama administration for the recent spike in violence in Baltimore. (via BizPac)