Hillary Supporter George Clooney Thinks Benghazi Is a Scandal From 2008

(In 2008)...They said Benghazi was this great scandal, well it's not...

He has no idea what Benghazi is about, just blindly supporting Hillary because that's what the Hollywood left does.

George Clooney is a big Hillary fan. He was asked by Fusion host Jorge Ramos “Are you going to be helping her for 2016?” Clooney replied, “Sure, whatever she wants, whatever I way I can help.” He added, I think she would be a tremendous candidate...I know her, and I think the world of her, and I think that I would be very happy if she were president.”

But Ramos pointed out “You said in 2008 she was the most polarizing figure in American politics.” Clooney said, “She was...at the time.” But then he seemed to mess up the Hillary time line, suggesting Benghazi hurt her last presidential campaign, when that terrorist attack came on September 11, 2012: