Hillary Clinton Hasn't Answered a Single Question From The Media in 20 Days

Carly Fiorina has done almost 30 interviews in last 8 days.

Welcome to day 29 of the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign!

In those 29 days -- including April 12, the day she announced, and today -- Clinton has taken a total of eight questions from the press. That breaks out to roughly one questions every 3.6 days. Of late, she's taken even fewer questions than that. According to press reports, the last day Clinton answered a question was April 21 in New Hampshire; that means that she hasn't taken a question from the media in 20 straight days.

Carly Fiorina, one of the many newly-minted Republicans running for president, is doing everything she can to shine a light on Clinton's close-mouthed approach with the press. This came from Fiorina deputy campaign manager Sasha Isgur Flores this morning:
In the last eight days, Carly has been interviewed almost 30 times and answered well over 300 questions. She continues to impress voters, pundits, and reporters alike with her willingness to share her thoughts and ideas – and to answer any question, from whether she likes hot dogs to how she would tackle the crisis in the Middle East....This is in stark contrast to many other candidates – and most especially to Hillary Clinton