Democrat Alan Grayson Flips Out Over Questions About Offshore Investments

Profanity-laced tirade

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL), “the outspoken, populist Democrat who thunders against Wall Street fat cats,and used to to joke about Mitt Romney’s low tax bill, incorporated a couple hedge funds in the Cayman Islands so investors could avoid taxes,” the Tampa Bay Times reports.

But he wasn’t happy when asked about it by a reporter.

Said Grayson: “Are you fucking kidding? I set up a fund that might solicit foreign investors….I have no present intention of soliciting foreign investors. Your perception issue is bullshit. This is even worse than Grayson’s girlfriend might run for congress 18 months from now. This is a whole nother level of bullshit. Are are you some kind of shitting robot? You go around shitting on on people?”

He added that every time “some bullshit artist calls you up and tries to stick a knife in my gut” makes him more inclined to run for U.S. Senate.