Chris Christie: 'I Wasn't Ready To Be President 4 Years Ago' (VIDEO)

He might have had a better chance 4 years ago. The latest Fox News poll has Chris Christie at 6% (7th place) nationally in the race for President in 2016

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he would not have been ready for a presidential run four years ago, dismissing speculation that he might not be in as good of a position following the Bridgegate scandal.

“So I get lots of people who come to us and say, oh, you should have done it four years ago. And I tell you one thing I know for sure I wasn’t ready to be president four years ago. And so the worst thing wasn’t not running; it was if I had run and won already,” Christie said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper aired Wednesday morning

Christie, accompanied by wife Mary Pat, discussed concerns about the effect a potential campaign could have on their family. It depends on which kid you ask, the governor said, on how they feel about their dad going for the Republican nomination.

“I mean, we’ve already had a lot of these conversations. And our oldest son, Andrew, is very positive and enthusiastic about it. It’s been encouraging to me,” Christie said, adding that his daughter Sarah is more concerned about how it would affect college life at Notre Dame