Canada Passes Law to Strip Jihadists of Their Passports

A law enabling authorities to revoke citizenship of those who go overseas for jihad came into force in Canada on Friday.

A revised version of Canadian immigration law lets the government strip citizenship from those convicted of terrorism, treason, spying or taking up arms against Canadian soldiers, AFP reports.

The new law targets Canadian citizens who opt to join the Islamic State jihadists in Syria and Iraq. However, the revised law affects only those with dual citizenship.

Canadian lawmakers are concerned with the tendency of more and more Canadians joining IS, and that later they could return with highly radicalized views and battlefield experience.

So far in 2015, no less than a dozen young Canadians “in their teens or twenties” have attempted to head to the Middle East.

Over 100 Canadian citizens have already joined the Islamic State group, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported.(via Reuters)