Brit Hume: Obama Fighting a Half-Hearted, Tentative War Against ISIS Because He Doesn't Think They're a Threat to the United States

Brit and Megyn respond to Obama's Memorial Day remarks. Hume says that deep down, Obama doesn't believe the war against ISIS (the JV Team) is like what we faced in WW2 where the enemy had to be defeated. Obama believes ISIS is a regional threat and he's fighting only for political reasons, not fighting because it is necessary for the safety and security of the United States.

"His heart is not in doing these things so we are fighting a half-hearted, tentative war in the Middle East and elsewhere" Brit tells The Kelly File

Hume says Obama is not about projecting (US) military power but restraining it.

Megyn responds by playing a clip of WH spokesclown Josh Earnest saying 'we're winning against ISIS' from today's press briefing.  She pretty much goes off.

Watch: Excellent analysis by Hume