After ISIS Takes Over In Ramadi, WH Decides To 'Expedite' Weapons Shipments to Iraq

What a great strategist. Hey O,  ISIS was making advances in Ramadi back in December, when they attempted to seize the government compound. They already controlled several Ramadi neighborhoods proximate to key locations inside the city center. This is after ISIS had completely taken over in Fallujah. Now, ISIS controls the City of Ramadi.

What does this WH do? Hey, let's expedite weapons to Iraq. One could only conclude that Barack Obama really does not give a damn about what happens in Iraq. These weapons should have been expedited a year ago. Look at the Kurds fighting ISIS in the north near Irbil and Mosul, what are they fighting with? Decades old Kalashnikovs. They don't have the weaponry they need either. Nothing from the United States. It's just incomprehensible the complete failure in leadership....

Take your time genius, ISIS is 70 miles west of Baghdad