Video: Hillary Claims to Stand Up For Women in Saudi Arabia

She'll criticize Saudi Arabia on women's rights but has no problem taking money from them.
Clinton yesterday at Georgetown University--

Hillary Clinton took time off the campaign trail Wednesday to present the Hillary Clinton Awards for Advancing Women in Peace and Security at Georgetown University in Washington.

The former secretary of state avoided partisan politics as she extolled the role of women as “agents of change, they are drivers of progress, and … makers of peace.”

Mrs. Clinton referred to her experiences at the State Department, which took her around the world and to some of the hot spots that are also at the forefront of the struggles involving women and women’s rights.

She recalled visiting a 10-year-old girl in Yemen who was trying to get a divorce from a marriage she’d been “bartered into with a much older man,” standing up for women in Saudi Arabia who were arrested “for daring to drive cars,” and warning before the Arab Spring that regimes “were going to sink into the sands unless significant reforms were to occur,” according to a pool report.