VIDEO: Dick Morris Says the Email Scandal Will Bring Hillary Clinton Down

Dick Morris talked to Judge Jeanine about the Clinton email scandal. He believes #servergate will do Hillary in. Morris sees Gov. Martin O'Malley's star rising because Dems won't want to put all their chips on Clinton and have her come up short and cause Democrats enormous loses in 2016. Watch the interview--

MORRIS: She’s hoping that it goes away. She’s delighted that Elizabeth Warren’s not going to challenge her at this point, although if O’Malley does well in the polls, I wouldn’t bet on Warren staying out, and she’s hoping that this thing just goes away through time.

But I think she’s missing the point that as she accumulates negatives and as people trust her less and less, and the deadlines loom for other people to get into the race, you’re gonna have a vacuum here with an irresistible force pushing the Democratic party to having an alternative to Hillary. Because if she goes down over this scandal, which I think she will, it’ll cause enormous losses in 2016. Not just the presidency but mammoth losses in Congress and I think the Democrats have to be very worried about that taking place.