Ted Cruz Surges to 2nd Place Behind Jeb Bush in New WaPo Poll

Ted Cruz's campaign: We're 'surging' in 2016 race

In a memo released Thursday, the Cruz campaign said there's been a "strong surge" in national polling of Republican voters. The memo was titled: "Ted Cruz Surging."

"As we expected, Ted Cruz has seen a surge in support since his announcement on March 23rd," Cruz aide Chris Wilson wrote. "Both national numbers and numbers in key states are up as voters engage and seriously assess a Cruz candidacy."

Wilson cited several recent polls that have been released since Cruz officially launched his campaign on March 23. At the top of the memo, he pointed to a new Washington Post-ABC News survey published Thursday. In that poll, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) leads the Republican field with 20%, but Cruz is in second place with 13%.

"The survey was taken in the days after Cruz became the first Republican to formally announce for president

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First Ad From Ted Cruz Campaign
YouTube Screen Grab

The brand new 30-second spot  will be broadcast in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada this Easter weekend
The ad features excerpts from Cruz’s speech at Liberty University

This is a great first ad highlighting his faith in Jesus Christ