Singer Rihanna on Indiana Religious Freedom Law: FTS

The foul-mouthed singer responded to the new Indiana law during a concert Saturday night in Indianapolis

Huffingtonpost  reported:
"F*** that s***."

Rihanna is not a fan of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and she let the crowd know Saturday night at the NCAA March Madness Music Festival at White River State Park in Indianapolis. The singer shared her feelings about the anti-gay laws -- in terms you wouldn't use in front of your grandmother -- before singing T.I.'s "Live Your Life."

"Who's feeling these new bullshit laws they're trying to pass over here? I said, 'Fuck that shit,'" Rihanna yelled, before getting the crowd involved. "I wanna hear you say, 'Fuck that shit.' 'Cause we're just living our motherfucking lives. Indiana!"

A concertgoer caputured the whole thing on video.

You can find the video here. (Warning: Strong Language)