Scarborough Goes Off: What Bob McDonnell, Bob Menendez Did Pales in Comparison to 'Clinton Cash'

Scarborough says he worked with guys in Congress who went to jail for a lot less

JOE: “I worked with guys in Congress that went golfing, like, one or two times in Ireland, and then six months later, put a bill on the floor of the House and they went to jail—and we’re sitting here going, wait a second, maybe he just got paid three times the amount,” Scarborough said.

“Maybe Belarus or telecom companies or maybe this, come on. We’re not naive babes in the woods. I know you’re playing this game of tough journalism, and that’s awesome.

But Mika, Bob McDonnell—what Bob McDonnell did pales in comparison to what’s in this book. What Bob Menendez did pales in comparison to what’s in this book. The Clintons have made $150 million over the past decade because of contacts during public service. I will now sit back and let you ask the tough questions. I’m just curious, though, why are the Clintons held to a standard that Bob McDonnell’s not held to, that Bob Menendez is not held to, that all of these congressmen that get thrown into jail for going on a—going to a Redskins game or going on a golf trip, compare to $150 million?”