Rush: Obama Adm Behind The Leaks - "He Damn Well Doesn't Want The Clintons Coming In and Unraveling His Agenda"

Rush on his radio show today says President Obama doesn't want the Clintons back in the White House because they will come in and 'unravel' his agenda.  Rush believes Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett are behind these latest Clinton leaks. 
Listen to the Audio:

RUSH: "I have warned you, I have guided you, I have trained you to look at news in such a way as to see angle in it that destroys us, and many of you are doing that in this case. And I do not blame you, but I don't think that's what's happening here yet. I think the Regime is behind these leaks. I think the Regime, Valerie Jarrett, they know what's on that server of Hillary's. They knew what she was doing.

There's no love lost between these two, make no mistake about it. And I think, in the pit of his stomach, the last thing Obama wants is the Clintons back in the White House toying around with his agenda and maybe trying to tweak it, change it, get rid of it, whatever, for them to take credit for whatever comes next. Because, believe me, both Obama and the Clintons are obsessed with getting credit for what they do. And the last thing Obama wants -- he's not even worried about the Republicans right now. 

But he damn well doesn't want this Clinton pair coming in and unraveling his agenda, and he doesn't trust 'em"