Rev. Cruz: Obama Adm 'Has Cursed The Nation of Israel More Than Any Other Administration in History'

Cruz: God said I will bless them that bless you (Israel) and curse them that curse you
This administration has cursed Israel

Referencing the book of Genesis (12:3) where God tells Abraham, the father of the Jewish nation, that He will bless those who bless him, and curse those who curse him, Pastor Rafael Cruz said the Obama administration has "cursed the Jewish people" and the nation of Israel "more than any other administration in history."

"It was so shameful how this president has treated [Israeli] Prime Minister Netanyahu," said Pastor Cruz, speaking to Congregation Beth Aliyah in Rome, Ga., at a Tea Party event on Apr. 13. "A few months ago, my son was invited to speak in Washington, D.C. by an organization calling themselves ‘Middle Eastern Christians.’"

"This current administration has cursed the Jewish people, has cursed the nation of Israel more than any other administration in history," said Pastor Cruz. "I believe the only reason judgment has not fallen on America is because of the faithful remnant that is standing in the gap.