Reuters: Jeb Bush to Visit Germany, Estonia, Poland in June

Source: Jeb to officially announce his 2016 Presidential run after he returns from the trip

Republican Jeb Bush will visit three U.S. allies, Germany, Poland and Estonia, in early June to get a first-hand view of European economic and security challenges as he explores a run for his party's U.S. presidential nomination in 2016, a Bush aide said on Monday.

Foreign policy has been growing in importance in the battle to determine President Barack Obama's successor, with Republicans questioning Obama's handling of the threat from Islamic State and Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

Bush’s visit gives him a chance to lay out his differences with Obama, a Democrat, particularly when it comes to NATO, with alliance members Poland and Estonia both watching events in Ukraine with alarm. Obama is legally barred from seeking a third term in the November 2016 election.
A Bush aide said the 62-year-old Bush, the brother of former President George W. Bush, has yet to decide whether to run. Other sources close to Bush's camp have said his team has discussed the possibility of an announcement in June, after the trip. -Reuters