Poll: Just 33% Approve of Neville Obama's Handling of Iran

58% disapprove

Over half of voters, 55 percent, say the U.S. “can’t trust anything” Iran says on the issue of nuclear weapons, while another 28 percent thinks we can only trust “a little” of what Iran says.

Just one percent thinks the U.S. can “completely trust” Iran on nukes, while 15 percent of voters say we “can trust some” of what it says.

Obama hit a new low of 33 percent approval on his handling of the Iran situation. Fifty-eight percent of voters disapprove. The previous record low was 35 percent approval vs. 53 percent disapproval in January 2014.

The March 31 deadline for reaching a deal with Iran over its nuclear program passed, but the administration said negotiations would continue beyond an original extension of Wednesday and now go through at least Thursday. There are plans to continue talking through a late June deadline.