Poll: Barack Obama More Popular in Cuba Than Raul and Fidel Castro

Obama approval 80% in Cuba

The results of a new poll show that President Barack Obama is far more popular in Cuba than he is in the United States.

The Bendixen & Amandi Poll for Univision Noticias-Fusion finds that 46 percent of Cubans hold "somewhat of a positive opinion" of Obama, while another 34 percent have a "very positive opinion" of him.

Combined, that amounts to an 80 percent approval rating — much higher than Obama's approval number in the U.S., which is currently at 47 percent. The Fusion poll found that Cuban President Raul Castro's approval rating is at 47 percent as well.
Other highlights from the poll:
  • 53 percent think the U.S. is a friend of Cuba;
  • Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has a 44 percent approval rating;

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