Police Dash Cam Video Shows Walter Scott Bolting From Car Before Shooting by Officer Michael Slager

Video shows the moments after Officer Slager pulled over Walter Scott’s Mercedes-Benz in a muffler shop parking lot in Charleston, SC  

Slager approaches the car and asks for license and registration and information about the car.

Walker Scott told the officer during the stop that he hadn’t yet bought the car but was planning to early this week. He also said that he didn’t have any paperwork, including registration or proof of any insurance, in the vehicle.

“All right,” Officer Slager says before he walks back to his cruiser. “I’ll be right back with you.”

While Slager is in his cruiser running a check on the car, Scott gets out of the Mercedes and runs.

Here is the FULL VIDEO

Mr. Scott should have never, ever been shot in the back as he ran away from Officer Michael Slager.
However, there are a few things that Mr. Scott could have done to prevent getting shot by a police officer.

1. Pull over in a timely manner and at a reasonable speed when you see police lights and siren behind you (which he did)
2. Roll down your window part way.
3. If it's at night, turn on the dome light.
4. Put your hands at 10-2 on the steering wheel
5. Wait for the police officer to approach.
6. Don't make any sudden moves on an officer.
7. (Most important) Don't run.