NYPD Cop Who Berated Uber Driver Stripped of Gun and Badge

Commissioner Bill Bratton put the detective, Patrick Cherry on modified duty on Wednesday, pulling him from a counterterrorism task force in which he reportedly had a top level of security clearance

BRATTON: "That officer's behavior reflected badly on everyone who wears our uniform"

An NYPD detective captured on a viral video berating an Uber driver was stripped of his shield and gun and placed on modified duty, commissioner Bill Bratton said Wednesday, as he chided the officer for his behavior and apologized to the driver and his passengers.

Detective Patrick Cherry, of Sayville, was transferred out of the Joint Terrorism Task Force as the passenger who captured the incident on video testified in front of the Civilian Complaint Review Board. The case was referred to the Internal Affairs Bureau and the CCRB for an investigation.

"No good cop could watch that without a wince ... that officer's behavior reflected badly on everyone who wears our uniform," Bratton said, speaking at an unrelated news conference at police headquarters.

 "That officer's behavior violated every one of the tenets that we are attempting to teach at the police academy."