Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke: President Obama 'Quietly Enjoying' Unrest in Baltimore (AUDIO)

Not holding back one bit. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says O is "quietly enjoying" what's going on in Baltimore because he's a 'promoter of division' and has 'benefitted politically' from 'dividing and conquering'

Sheriff Clarke on the Mark Levin Show points out all the times President Obama has pitted one group of Americans against another. He also questions why Obama didn't come out and speak about the Baltimore riots earlier. 

Listen to this hard-hitting audio:

LEVIN: 'Wouldn't it have been nice if the president spent more time talking about the police officer? More time talking about respect them, respect law and order? More time talking about how the overwhelming number of police officers are a force for good?

SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE: (at 1:35 mark) "Well, you know, I think, and I don't think this is a stretch, I think he's quietly enjoying what's going on here because he's been a promoter of division. He's benefitted politically from dividing and conquering people. He's dividing the races. You know, he's the one who led this charge during the November elections of 2014, that the Republican, the conservatives, the white man was trying to steal your vote. He's pitted men against women...One of the reasons he didn't come out yesterday and really challenge the black community in a leadership role is because he didn't want to tick those people off, because those are his voters"