Michele Bachmann: Obama's Foreign Policy 'Virtually Guarantees' World War III

Bachmann: O 'worst president that the United States has ever had to endure'

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann on Wednesday said President Obama’s friendly overtures toward Cuba and Iran could eventually spark a global war.

“This virtually guarantees, in my opinion, World War III, and I think that alone would qualify Barack Obama for being the worst president that the United States has ever had to endure,” she said in an interview with "NewsTalk Florida."

“You can get economics wrong, and you can turn it around,” Bachmann added. “Where we have problems decades into the future are disasters with foreign policy.”

Bachmann, a 2012 GOP presidential candidate, called Obama’s diplomatic approach to longtime U.S. enemies “the worst part” of his presidency. Obama restored diplomatic relations with Cuba in January and is now finalizing a nuclear deal with Iran.

The ex-congresswoman said those actions had strengthened terrorists. She said that, overall, Obama’s Middle East decisions were “pro-jihad” and “anti-Christian” blunders