McCain Blasts Chairman of Joint Chiefs Dempsey For Downplaying the Fall of Ramadi: "What the Hell is He Talking About?"

John McCain is angry. He should be. During this interview on tonight's Greta, senator McCain reminds Chairman Dempsey that the U.S. lost 187 soldiers in the fight for Ramadi in 2006-2007.

Ramadi is now on the verge of falling to the Islamic State terrorists. Dempsey, who is chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, downplayed the possible capture of Ramadi. Dempsey said last week that the city is "not central to the future of Iraq" and is "not symbolic in any way" to the success of the campaign to defeat Islamic terrorists.

McCain said he disagrees.

"This unbelievable statement is an insult to all those brave Americans who served and sacrificed in Ramadi, and the families and loved ones who miss them so dearly," he said Monday.