Jeb Bush Trails Hillary Clinton Among Hispanics 71-26

Double Facepalm.

Just automatically vote for the Dem. Un-Freakin-believable.
It doesn't matter one bit that Jeb Bush's wife Columba is Hispanic, born in Mexico. It doesn't matter that Jeb speaks fluent Spanish and has taken positions favorable to Hispanics that have put him at odds with his own party.  How on God's earth is Clinton leading  3-to-1?

ABC/Washington Post
He speaks Spanish flawlessly, has personal ties to Central America, and raised his family in the diverse melting pot of South Florida, but Jeb Bush trails Hillary Clinton among Hispanic voters in a possible 2016 presidential match up, according to ABC News/Washington Post polling.

According to the last two ABC News/Washington Post polls, conducted by Langer Research Associates, the former Florida governor trails Clinton with registered Hispanic voters 71-26, a margin of 3-1 -- nearly the same margin by which Hispanics supported President Obama over Mitt Romney in 2012.