Iraqi Commander in Ramadi: We've Been Sending ISIS Coordinate Positions To The Joint Command Center, But There Have Been NO Significant Airstrikes

"We need coalition support"

If you think we're not really hitting ISIS with all we could in Iraq, you are right. Just listen to what this commander says.

CNN's Arwa Damon talks to Major Aref al-Janabi on the edge of the city of Ramadi, He says he regularly provides the joint command center with coordinates for ISIS positions, but so far there have been no significant air strikes or reinforcements.

He shows the CNN reporter the ISIS location, he points, right over there, beyond the tree lines. 1 Kilometer away he says, (little over 1/2 mile). But there's been no help from the coalition.

Watch this report-
There is no question, the Iraqis fleeing Ramadi are on their own