Hillary Clinton Backer Switches to Martin O’Malley

...Campaigned with Clinton in Florida in 2008

A former Miami mayor and Hillary Clinton supporter has switched his allegiances and will host an event for her potential challenger, former Gov. Martin O’Malley.

The Miami Herald reports that O’Malley’s O’ Say Can You See PAC is holding an event in Miami hosted by former Mayor Manny Díaz, a former donor to the Clinton campaign in 2008.

“He's not running yet, but I'll tell you, if he does run, I will endorse him,” Díaz told the Herald.  “He's an old friend, and I'm very loyal to old friends.”

“When you look at what mayors do, and in this case what governor's do — and he's been both, so he's actually run something,” the former Miami mayor said.

He previously donated $2,300 to Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, according to the Federal Election Commission. He appeared with Clinton on the trail in 2008 during a trip to the University of Miami.