Dem Senator Menendez: Obama Thinks 'If You Open Your Hands to Dictators, That They Will Unclench Their Fists'

Robert Menendez, whose parents came here from Cuba blasts Obama normalizing relations with the Castro regime. He's right on here...

FOX NEWS CHRIS WALLACE: So, if this is so misguided and if Cuba is doing nothing to relax political oppression, why is the president doing it?

SEN. BOB MENENDEZ: Well, I think the president has a misguided calculation that if you open your hands to dictators that they will unclinch their fists. And while Raul Castro may have said some nice things about President Obama, at the same time, just last month, we had 600 arrests of innocent people inside of Cuba who were detained, many political activists and human rights activists who are not allowed to leave the country to go to the Panama summit and last year we had 1,600 detentions and there are still many long prisoners sitting and languishing in Castro’s jails.