Video: Obama Reads #MeanTweets on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

He didn't have time to meet with Netanyahu one week ago, but has plenty of time to go on another comedy show.

Here's video from tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Show

How many appearances on Late Night Television by President Obama?

CBS' Mark Knoller has the answer:  10

"Mr. Obama's first time as president on Kimmel -- he had planned to appear on the show last year but canceled. Thursday's appearance marks at least his tenth time on late night. Here's my tally of his late night appearances since taking office:"
  • "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno": 3
  • "The Late Show with David Letterman": 2
  • "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart": 3
  • "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon": 1
  • "Jimmy Kimmel Live" :1