Jeb Bush Calls Out Obama's 'Dangerous, Alice in Wonderland' Foreign Policy (VIDEO)

Brian Kilmeade welcomed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to his "Kilmeade & Friends" show on Fox News Radio this morning.

The possible 2016 presidential candidate discussed at length his opposition to President Obama's "Alice in Wonderland" foreign policy.

In a column earlier this week in National Review, Bush criticized Obama's handling of the Iran nuclear negotiations, saying the president is making a mistake by "trusting our enemies."

On Obama's policies toward Israel and Iran:
"As we've disengaged in his first term of office, now we're seeing the ramifications. The implications of instability are becoming more and more apparent. Americans want their president to keep America's citizens secure. This policy of pulling back, of disengagement, is not the right approach. ... It's an Alice in Wonderland foreign policy. It makes no sense."

On Obama's strained relationship with Netanyahu:
"It does damage to the rest of the region as well. People in the Persian Gulf, Egypt, Jordan, and other places. They look at our relationship being ruptured with Israel and they wonder, well, how can we get a good deal? How are we going to have our voice heard? This instability that comes from not having the back of our strongest ally is quite dangerous."