Huckabee: Obama's Extraordinary Disdain For Israel "Inexplicable" (Video)

Mike Huckabee talks to Steve Malzberg on NewsmaxTV about the Israeli election and why Obama dislikes the PM.

 "He resents very much the strength of Netanyahu" Huckabee says

HUCKABEE:  "It's very clear that this administration in general, and this president in particular, has an extraordinary disdain for Israel in general and Benjamin Netanyahu in particular. It's just inexplicable,"

 "When I hear news people say things like 'what's the price that Netanyahu will pay?' I want to say what's the price Israel and the world pays if Israel isn't willing to stand up against the Iranian nuclear threat? They may be paying with the lives of their children and grandchildren."

 "He resents the strength of Israel. He resents very much the strength of Netanyahu, who is absolutely forthright in his understanding of what the threats are with Islamic jihadism, a term that President Obama cannot bring himself to utter nor can his administration."