Elizabeth Warren: ‘I’m Not Running’ for President, Give Hillary a Chance

Warren: I've got this really great job already (as a senator)

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren  is deferring to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary, stressing to the Today show this morning that she’s not throwing her name into the ring.

“No. I’m not running and I’m not going to run,” Warren said. “I’m in Washington. I’ve got this really great job and a chance to try and make a difference on things that really matter. Pressed on 2016 again, she repeated, “I’m not running. I’m not running.”

Warren said she never even entertained the idea of running. “Look, what I’m working on are the issues the people of Massachusetts sent me to work on.” On whether Clinton is the right candidate for a liberal platform?

“Well, I think we need to give her a chance to decide if she’s going to run and to declare and to lay out what she wants to run on. I think that’s her opportunity to do that,” Warren said.