Caught on Video: Out of Control Cop Goes Ballistic on Uber Driver in NYC

Out-of-control cop might be an understatement...

A video allegedly showing a plainclothes officer trying to humiliate an immigrant Uber driver about speaking English has prompted the New York Police Department to conduct an investigation, the New York Daily News reported on Tuesday.

In the video, the officer who pulled over the Uber driver allegedly hurled insults at him, including about the way he spoke.

"Stop it with your mouth!" the man could be heard shouting at the driver. "Stop it with your 'For what, sir? For what, sir?' Stop it with that bullsh*t and realize the three vehicle traffic law violations you committed! Okay?! Do you understand me?! I don't know what f***ing planet you think you're on right now!"

The passengers who recorded the incident commiserated with the driver and could be heard telling the driver it wasn't his fault and talking about how out of control the officer was being. According to the conversation, the incident was sparked by the driver honking at the officer who was attempting to park along the street but didn't have a blinker on.

Here is the raw video that does contain some language
The cab driver is just berated here for no reason