Rush Defends O'Reilly From Mother Jones Hit Piece: 'It Was 33 Years Ago' (AUDIO)

A 'See, I told you so' from Rush. He says he predicted that the lib media would circle the wagons for Brian Williams. One way they would do that is to find other prominent television news people who have done it too. So David Corn and Mother Jones have targeted O'Reilly for something that goes all the way back to 1982. Something Bill calls 'total bullsh*t'. Rush says they're going after  O'Reilly because he is a two-fer for the lib media -- He's number one and he works at Fox News

Listen to Rush at the open of his show today defend O'Reilly. 
He agrees that it's 'BS'

"David Corn claims that O'Reilly exaggerated his war stories when he covered the Falklands War 33 years ago. Thirty-three years ago. We've got a story that they're trying to make stick. This is exactly what I predicted, that in order to save Brian Williams, they would try to find examples of other people doing it so they could say, "Hey, everybody does it." Like Clinton and sex. "Everybody does it. It's no big deal." And in all this time, this is the best they can do, to go out and claim that O'Reilly lied about things 33 years ago covering the Falklands War.

What a stretch. But it's classic. And O'Reilly is running around calling it BS. I'm sure it is. This is just transparent as it can be. But there are a lot of Drive-By Media outlets that are trying to make it stick. I just want to remind you I predicted that they would scour the world for examples of other news readers, other narrative readers making things up so that they could say, "Hey, hey, no big deal, everybody does it." But, see, O'Reilly is a two-fer. It's O'Reilly number one, and number two, he is at the dreaded, hated and despised Fox"