One of the Winners of $500 Million Powerball Recently Quit Her Job to Take Care of Daughter Who Has Cerebral Palsy (Video)

Marie Holmes: 'First thing I'm gonna do is pay my tithe'
BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC   - It's official! One of the three winning tickets in the Powerball jackpot was purchased at the Scotchman on Whiteville Road in Shallotte, NC.

A woman from Shallotte has come forward with what she believes is the winning Powerball ticket from Wednesday's drawing. A reporter who spoke with 26-year-old Marie Holmes confirms the numbers and date on her ticket match those that were drawn for the $188 million payout.

"I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I saw the ticket and checked it," Holmes explained with a noticeable grin. The mother of four said she screamed after the winning numbers were drawn Wednesday night and ran and told her kids. "They said I scared them," Holmes joked.

Holmes said she was forced to quit her jobs at Walmart and McDonald's to care for her children, one of whom has cerebral palsy. She said the first thing she's going to do with the money is tithe because, as she puts it, "I wouldn't have none of it if it wasn't for God."

NBC local reporter talks to the 26-year-old woman, she says it's been a struggle for her and her 4 children from the beginning. She says now she doesn't have to worry. Holmes says it's about her family now.

Watch the video- Good for her...
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