New ISIS Propaganda Video Shows Peshmerga Fighters In Cages


Video below--

The Islamic State has posted a video on social media showing 17 caged Kurdish fighters being paraded through the streets of Iraq — evoking grim reminders of the brutal torching of a captured Jordanian fighter pilot last month by the terrorists.

In the four-minute video, the prisoners — reportedly Peshmerga forces — were clad in orange jumpsuits and shackled inside the cages, The Daily Mail reports. The video apparently was posted late Friday.

Individual cages holding each prisoner were carried on white pickup trucks, accompanied by an ISIS terrorist waving a black flag and carrying an AK-47 assault rifle, according to the report.

Islamic State terrorists cheered as the prisoners were apparently paraded through the Hawija district near Kirkuk, located in northwest Iraq. The city is an oil-rich Kurdish stronghold about 150 miles north of Baghdad

CNN has some video of the men being paraded through the city in cages