MSNBC Guest: Rudy’s Obama Comments Like Using the 'N-Word'

Lib Talker Stephanie Miller on MSDNC--

As part of the left’s bashing of Rudy Giuliani for stating his belief that President Obama doesn’t love America, MSNBC’s The Last Word convened a panel on Thursday night to berate Giuliani and portray him as being a key leader in the Republican Party that’s caused “the partisan divide that we have” in the country. One panelist, liberal radio host Stephanie Miller, went as far as to compare what Giuliani told a gathering of Republican donors to using derogatory language toward African-Americans, gays, and women:

“Whenever someone starts a sentence with, this is going to be horrible, it's like when someone says I'm not a racist, but n-word for a black person. I'm not a homophobe, but f-word for gay person, I’m not a sexist, but c-word for a woman. That's what this is.”