Minnesota Man Charged With Trying To Join ISIS

We need to find the 'root cause' on why this 19-year-old wanted to join ISIS.

He's probably out of work, and because of high unemployment in Minnesota, he had no choice but to join ISIS.

We need a jobs bill for the state of Minnesota so no more of these youngsters try to join Jihad.


 A Minnesota man has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of lying to FBI agents and conspiring to help the terror group ISIS.

The Department of Justice announced Thursday that 19-year-old Hamza Naj Ahmed is charged with conspiring and attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State.

Authorities arrested Ahmed earlier this month on charges of lying to officials in a terrorism investigation. He was detained on Feb. 9 after making his initial appearance in a St. Paul court. Prosecutors argued then that he made threatening statements on Twitter, saying he was willing to martyr himself.

A spokesman for Ahmed’s family said Thursday that they will let the process be sorted out in court. We are all surprised, and trust the judicial system to eventually sort this out,” the spokesman said.

The charges against Ahmed all stem from an incident last November, when officials say Ahmed was escorted off a plane bound for Turkey, a country considered to be a gateway to terrorist cells