Krispy Kreme Apologizes for "KKK Wednesday" Promotion (Photos)


While the fast food chain has had plenty to apologize for over the years (the Krispy Kreme Double Cheeseburger... the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe...), it has taken an act of truly insensitive ignorance for the company to finally issue a mea culpa.

That's what happens when you go out and advertise "KKK Wednesday" as an actual promotion

A Krispy Kreme location in Hull, England released a poster that features various activities for every day of the week.

There's "Young at Heart Coffee Morning" on Sundays and "Face Painting" takes place on Thursdays and Wednesdays are dedicated to the "KKK" because.. wait... why are Wednesdays dedicated to the KKK?

Turns out, the initials in this case stand for Krispy Kreme Klub, not Ku Klux Klan, though the confusion isn't difficult to understand.
Company statement:
"Krispy Kreme apologizes unreservedly for the inappropriate name of a customer promotion at one of our stores," the company said in a statement. "This promotion was never intended to cause offense. All material has been withdrawn and an internal investigation is currently under way."