Gallup: ISIS, Terrorism The Top Threat to the United States in Next 10 Years

Note to Obama: Climate Change didn't make the list.

ISIS a bigger threat than Russia in next 10 years according to a new survey

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Despite the intensifying fighting between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists before the cease-fire agreement Thursday, Americans place the conflict low on the list of critical threats to U.S. interests in the next decade. Islamic extremists, commonly known as the Islamic State or ISIS, along with international terrorism in general, loom much larger in Americans' minds as a critical threat.

The Islamic State has continually been a focal point on the world stage over the past several months as it has brutally executed hostages -- including several Americans, leading 84% of their fellow citizens to rank the terrorist group as a critical threat. Americans place the threat from international terrorism in general at the same level.

Only two other issues are considered critical threats by a majority of Americans. Although the U.S. has been conducting talks with Iran to reduce or eliminate Iran's nuclear capabilities, 77% of Americans still view the development of nuclear weapons by Iran as a critical threat. Sixty-four percent view North Korea as a critical threat.

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