Fox News Poll: 73% of Voters Say Obama Doesn’t Have A Clear Strategy To Defeat ISIS, Up From 64% in September

Internals show the number includes 54% of Democrats who say O doesn't have a clear strategy to defeat ISIS

Fox News
American voters think their government is doing a bad job reducing the threat from Islamic extremists -- and want President Obama to be tougher on them.

A Fox News poll released Wednesday also finds voters doubt the White House has a clear strategy for dealing with ISIS, and a majority calls its emphasis on diplomacy a “halfhearted” attempt to deal with the problem.

It turns out that Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., voiced the concerns of most Americans during last Wednesday’s confirmation hearing of Ashton Carter to be defense secretary when he said, “We still do not have a viable strategy to counter ISIL, and if you are not winning in war, you are losing.”

The poll shows that 73 percent of voters say the White House doesn’t have a clear strategy for defeating ISIS. That’s up from 64 percent who felt that way less than five months ago (September 28-30, 2014).