Former Generals BLAST CENTCOM For Revealing Plan to Take Back City of Mosul

"One of the principles of military operations is, you don't release these sort of details in advance, it allows them (the enemy) to prepare their defenses and put in defensive measures"

CENTCOM has outlined a plan (and made it public) to use approximately 20,000 to 25,000 Iraqi and Peshmerga troops to move on the city of Mosul, Iraq to retake it from an estimated 2,000 ISIS fighters — an attacking force that will include five Iraqi Army brigades, three peshmerga brigades, and former Mosul police forces and Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service troops.

People are asking why? Why would anybody ever telegraph battle plans, killing the element of surprise and allowing the enemy to prepare for what's coming?

General Jack Keane calls it 'mystifying' and 'unprecedented.'  Lt General Michael Barbero  says it's something that you just don't do

They were interviewed on Fox News-